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Staten Island Metaverse Roadmap

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Through our innovative technology, implementing cutting edge social tools coupled with groundbreaking blockchain technologies, we strive to strive to create a metaverse like non-other. Our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers and marketing experts are working tirelessly to bring the Staten Island Metaverse into reality...virtual reality that is...


Through our Roadmap, we plan to engrain Staten island as the crypto hub of New York, starting with a one of a kind metaverse experience. One that promotes small business while give the community access to events that they would normally never be able to.  The initial virtual terrain is based on Staten Island, but it will act as a spring board to vault all of NY into the metaverse.  

Metaverse Pioneers will be the first virtual land owners and through the use of a Digitally Autonomous Organization, a DAO, they will work together to sculp the future of Staten Island Meta an ultimately all of the NYC Meta.

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Home: About Us
Home: About Us

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