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Staten Island Metaverse

In order to develop the SIM, metaverse participants can take part in our Pioneer Presale and then ultimately the sale of actual properties in the SIM.  Soon after that, Pioneers and other owners will be able to enter the SIM, customize your property and take part in exciting events.

What is a Pioneer Token

Owners of Pioneers Tokens are considered the Pioneers of the Staten Island Metaverse.


They will be the first inhabitants and help in the development the of virtual community and spur growth.

Pioneer Token holders get exclusive meta-perks right now and into perpetuity.

Metallic Pioneer Token Holders can earn by helping populate the Metaverse.

Variety of Coins

What is a Native Token?

Native Tokens are used to make purchased for and within the Staten Island Metaverse.

All properties can be purchased with Native Tokens.

All customization to your property and avatar can be done using Native Tokens.

Native Tokens will be cost $1USD/Native Token

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Pioneer Token Presale

Starting June 15, the Pioneer Token pre-sale will go live, allowing people to take advantage of the meta-perks made available to SIM Pioneers.

These Pioneer Tokens are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which can be purchased with credit card

Meta-Perks for Pioneer Token Holders

  1. Pioneers are able to request & claim the corresponding property to their real world address immediately.

  2. Pioneers will receive their Native tokens prior to the SIM marketplace being opened to the public therefore all Pioneers will be able to acquire prime locations and preferred properties. 

  3. Pioneers will receive a custom affiliate code which allows the to earn real money when a token or property is purchases using it.

  4. Pioneer Token Holders will be offered exclusive access to the Pioneer Token Pre-sales for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Bronx. 

  5. Special Pioneers-perks will be offered from time to time, only to the current holders of Pioneer Tokens.

  6. Pioneers Token Holders will have pro-rata voting rights on key decisions on the future of the SIM.

  7. Pioneer Token Holders may receive periodic distributions of secondary sale royalties in the future.

  8. Purchasers of Pioneer tokens will receive a native token drop, with Metallic Pioneers, receiving Native Tokens at a discount to their actual value.

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* Each Pioneer Token Offers the current owner of the token a set amount of code uses. 
** This Discount is offered to the customer making a purchase. 
*** This is the % of the total sale that will be paid back to the Pioneer Token holder.



Native Token Drop

Once the initial pre-sale is over, Native Token will be dropped into Pioneer Holders Wallets.  The Native Token amount will be based on the type of Pioneer Token(s) you own. The date of the drop will be based on the initial date you purchased the Pioneer Token.  Once the initial Native Tokens drop to Pioneers is complete, Native Tokens will be available to for sale to the general public.



Virtual Land Sales

Once the Native Token Drop commences, virtual properties will be available for sale through the NYCMETA NFT marketplace.  Pioneer Token holders will be granted first access to the marketplace.  Once the Drop is complete, the NYCMETA marketplace will be open to the general public.


Metaverse Opens

Soon after the virtual land sales are open to the public, the SIM will go live.  At this point people can enter the SIM. Land owners can access their properties through the SIM application by connecting their wallets which hold their virtual land.


Landowners in the NYC META can purchase and build homes which they could never imagine in the analog world.  One of a kind custom villas and mansions can be designed, developed and sold.  Digital design architects can create virtual structures that need not be constrained by real world physics.  

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Real world museums, art collectives and even individual artists can build their own virtual museum in the NYC META. They can create and promote an experience that is greatly improved over their real-world capabilities.

The technology of MYCMETA offers the ability to showcase works of art without the technology and capital investment required for them to do this themselves.  

Virtual stadiums will be present where SIM members can virtual congregate to watch sports.Staten Island schools to broadcast their games and sell tickets. Additionally, the stadium can be used to host e-sports events.

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NYCMETA will have every offering that the analog world does, including gaming.. Imagine being able to not only game online, but enjoy the social aspects similar to being in a casino or at a sportsbook. 


Metaverse Expansion

The Project starts with the SIM, The Staten Island Metaverse, but this is just the begining.  Once the SIM is open and thriving, other borroughsiwthin the NYCMETA will be opened, with more users and more exceiting experiences.

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